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The Middle East and North Africa Multi-Donor Trust Fund (Finland, Norway and the UK)

The Middle East and North Africa Multi-Donor Trust Fund (MENA MDTF) was established in 2012 to support the transition underway at the time in many countries in the MENA region. The 1st Cycle, which ran from 2012-2017 provided over US$12 million in grants to 35 activities at both country and regional level. The 2nd Cycle, now underway, is scheduled to run from 2018-2021 with a current envelope of US$9.1 million supporting 34 activities. Despite being a relatively small trust fund, it has nonetheless played a catalytic role in helping to deliver innovative practices, programs, initiating reforms and pushing the boundaries on new approaches to development in the region.

The MENA MDTF is financed by the governments of Finland, Norway and the UK. It supports technical assistance for project preparation, analytical studies, capacity building and knowledge sharing in areas where there is a clear and urgent need on the ground. The MENA MDTF is aligned with the World Bank Group’s MENA strategy, and therefore the activities funded demonstrate clear linkages to relevant current and future Bank-funded operations and programs. Please click here for more details.