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The European Council for Young Farmers (Europe Region)

Nature Policy by Umair Zia

CEJA acts as a forum for communication between young farmers and European decision-makers. Its main objective is to promote a younger and more innovative agricultural sector across the EU-27 and to create good working and living conditions for young people setting up in farming and those who are already “young farmers”.

The main concerns of young farmers are issues related to access to land, credit and production rights, and strengthening education and training facilities for young people in rural areas. CEJA represents around 2 million young farmers in Europe. Their membership spans across 23 EU Member States and 33 national member organizations, including an observer member from the UK and an associate member from Serbia. We remain in regular contact with young farmers’ organizations, agricultural institutions and associations throughout Europe and worldwide. CEJA has built strong links with various international youth organizations over the years in its advocacy work for young farmers, while always maintaining independence from any political ideology. Please click here for more details.